Experience Less Pain in Your Body
with Proven Asian Massage Therapy from Our Experts

Asian Massage Therapy for Less Pain & More Fluid Movements

Release tension and stress from your body with Asian massage techniques from our experienced therapists in Margate, Florida. Asian Lilly Spa is a newly established Asian massage therapy center using a style of massage therapy from China. This Asian massage therapy, which has been handed down through our family for generations, helps men and women of all ages move more freely while experiencing less pain and discomfort. Contact us for more details about how our Asian massage therapy techniques can improve your level of well being.
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How Is Our Asian Massage Unique?

Unlike other deep tissue massages that make use of the hands, we walk on your back to relieve muscle tension. You'll instantly feel the difference in your body after your first session.

Hot Towel Therapy

We also offer a hot towel therapy for relieving pain associated with pulled muscles, muscle spasms, lower back pain, and other conditions. Whether you're an athlete or not, you can use our hot towel therapy to enjoy healthier muscles.

Our Therapists Get the Job Done

All of our licensed and fully insured therapists have traveled from China and have been specially trained in Asian massage therapy. 

Come in our center or call us today at (954) 822-6939 to set up your discounted Asian massage.

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Margate, Florida
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7 Days  Margate 9:00 am–11 pm 


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